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Michigan State Vs. Georgia, 2012 Outback Bowl: Spartans Still Searching For Words To Describe Victory

A day after their first bowl win in a decade many Michigan State Spartans fans are struggling to find the proper words to express their joy. SB Nation's The Only Colors is brimming with joy as it sends off one of the most decorated senior classes in school history:

There'll be a recap of the game tomorrow, but let's be honest -- you know all the critical moments and triumphs of the game. I could fill the recap with "YUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSS" and that would work, but I want to do a really good job with it. That's why it going's to be a bit late, but trust me -- it'll be worth it.

Michigan State has been one of the few bright spots for the Big Ten thus far in the bowl season. Outside of their win on Monday, it was a disastrous day for the conference with Nebraska, Penn State, Ohio State and Wisconsin all losing. Even though the Big Ten got a record 10 teams into bowl games this season, the conference is a meager 3-6 through nine games with Purdue and Illinois, their worst two teams in bowls, earning two of those victories.

For more on the Michigan State Spartans, go to The Only Colors. For an opposing view, check out Dawg Sports. You can also head over to SB Nation's main NCAA Football hub at