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Michigan State Defensive Coordinator Pat Narduzzi Decides To Stay At School

After garnering interest from Texas A&M and taking a look at the Aggies, Pat Narduzzi decided to stay in East Lansing and remain Michigan State's defensive coordinator.

After coaching the Michigan State defense to an outstanding season, defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi saw his stock go up quite a bit. He was a candidate for the Akron head coaching job before withdrawing his name from consideration, and this week he was courted by Texas A&M to take over the defensive coordinator position for the Aggies.

Had Narduzzi left MSU for A&M, he would have received a big pay raise, but on Friday night the Spartans announced that Narduzzi isn't going anywhere. He has decided to stay in East Lansing as the Michigan State defensive coordinator, and he will likely still receive a pretty healthy bump in his salary.

Here is what Narduzzi had to say about the decision to stay at MSU:

"With the success we've had as a football program, especially the last two years, people around the country have taken notice. So when provided a professional opportunity like Texas A&M, I owed it to my family to investigate it because my first obligation is to take care of my wife and children. The bottom line remains; however, that I'm very comfortable working for Mark Dantonio and Michigan State. The support from the top down is tremendous. Coach Dantonio, Athletics Director Mark Hollis, President (Lou Anna) Simon and our Board of Trustees have been very supportive and understanding as I've gone through this decision-making process, and I'm thankful for their patience.

"I share the same feelings that our players and coaches have that there's some unfinished business to take care of here. We're all driven to win the Big Ten Championship and win a Rose Bowl."

It's big for MSU that Narduzzi has decided to stay. Not only is he a good coach, but it's a sign that MSU is willing to pay to keep its assistants around. Considering that hasn't really been the case in the past, it's a positive sign for the program going forward.