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Draymond Green Injury: Green Has Sprained Knee, Is Day-To-Day

The Michigan State basketball Twitter account has confirmed that Spartans star player Draymond Green had an MRI and has a sprained left knee. Green is going to be day-to-day on it after limping off the court against Illinois.

With a game against the rival Michigan Wolverines next on the docket, the Spartans are going to have to hope that Green will be ready for action and be able to play on the knee for at least a bit of the game. Without him, the Spartans were even more terrible on offense against Illinois during a miserable 42-41 loss.

The big game against the Wolverines isn't until Sunday so Green will at the very least have a decent amount of time to rest the knee before he needs it in action. The Spartans and their fans are certainly hoping he gets better sooner rather than later.

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