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Michigan State Football Recruiting: Monty Madaris Reportedly Still Hasn't Signed LOI

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National Signing Day was shaping up to be rather uneventful for Michigan State, but it has actually seen quite a bit of drama unfold over the status of wide receiver commit Monty Madaris. By the afternoon Madaris was the only unsigned commit for Michigan State's 2012 recruiting class, and there was talk that this was because he was home sick from school. The expectation was still for him to sign, but as of Wednesday night, that has not happened, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Moeller senior wide receiver Monty Madaris remained undecided about his college decision heading into Wednesday night, according to Moeller coach John Rodenberg.

There have been conflicting reports throughout the night about whether or not Madaris has signed his letter of intent. Based on the lack of his inclusion in Michigan State's official National Signing Day release, I think it's pretty obvious his letter of intent has not been signed, or at the very least it hasn't been faxed to MSU.

To make this situation even stranger, Madaris tweeted this on Wednesday night in response to the story about him being "undecided."

This begs the question: If Madaris is not undecided, what is the hold up? If he was dead set on going to Michigan State, which seemed to be the case after he committed on Sunday, his letter of intent would be in by now and he would officially be a Spartan.

I don't know if Madaris is having second thoughts about leaving home for Michigan State rather than attending his hometown school of Cincinnati or if it's something else, but this is certainly a strange situation.

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