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Bracketology 2012: Michigan, Michigan State Both Given High Seeds By SB Nation

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March Madness 2012 is quickly approaching and the seeding is starting to take a much more solid form as the games continue to fly by approaching the conference tournaments. The new SB Nation Bracketology update is now out and both Michigan and Michigan State are keeping strong seeds thanks to strong Big Ten seasons.

Both the Wolverines and the Spartans are located in the East bracket on the Bracket mock and they both have top four seeds to their names. The Spartans are given the higher honor, having been moved up all the way to the No. 2 seed where they are slated to face Bucknell. Michigan are on the rise as well, though only to the No. 4 seed where they have either Miami or Texas as a likely candidate to play.

Ohio State still have a stranglehold on the Big Ten, but if either Michigan school can take the reins from them in the conference we might see a Michigan team holding a No. 1 seed when it's all said and done. Ohio State currently have a two seed in the SB Nation bracket.

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