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2012 NFL Combine: Defensive Line And Linebackers Show On Day 3

The NFL Combine is now in full swing. The players from the first day are starting to get into the real meat of their working at the Combine and on Day 3, the defensive line and linebacker prospects from groups seven through nine are set to arrive. The new arrivals will, as the other arrivals have, do their medical exams, orientation and interviews on their first day, not leaving until Monday after all of their workouts have been completed.

The Detroit Lions may want to keep an eye on some of the more high profile defensive line prospects, including guys like USC DE Nick Perry. With Cliff Avril possibly leaving in free agency due to wanting too large a paycheck, it's started to look more likely that bolstering the line could be in the Lions' draft future.

Every player at the combine can be found on the official Invite List here.

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