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2012 NFL Combine Results: Winners And Losers - Jerel Worthy Falls

Michigan State was supposed to have a guy picked in the first round pre-combine. Unfortunate, a showing that didn't impress all the scouts might have doomed DL Jerel Worthy to going in as low as the third round. Worthy received a decidedly mediocre 79.5 rating from, only 13th among linemen.

WR B.J. Cunningham had a 73.5 rating, putting him second overall in Michigan State players. He is expected to be a third round pick but he might be raised up a bit with the decent work he put in.

Michigan DL Mike Martin raised his stock a bit with a decent showing -- specifically a very impressive showing on the bench press -- gaining a 59.7 rating from Not bad for a guy projected to go rather late in the draft. He had the highest score of anyone from Michigan, though both WR Junior Hemmingway and C David Molk had 59's as well with a 59.5 and 59.2 respectively.

We weren't expecting any of them to go as high as we had expected Worthy to go, though. The combine can be cruel sometimes to otherwise fantastic athletes.

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