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Draymond Green Injury: 'Will Go For Sure' Sunday, But Probably Limited

The Michigan State Spartans may have their star forward in action on Sunday against rival Michigan on Sunday. Draymond Green has been optimistic about a potential return to face the Wolverines, and we have some confirmation that he'll at least be available, thanks to Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal on Twitter:

Tom Izzo: Green "will go for sure" Sunday, but Izzo isn't sure how much. Some minor swelling still. Practice today will be telling.

This is a step-up from previous statements, in which Izzo wasn't sure that Green would be available at all. Izzo had previously said that Green likely wouldn't get extended minutes, if he was able to play at all. As the Tweet says, it will all come down to how Green looks in practice. Green was having trouble putting pressure on his knee recently.

It's likely that they'll take it very easy with Green, if he does play. The last thing the Spartans want to do is aggravate a knee injury for their best player, especially given how much pain Green was in when he went down with the injury. Michigan State did not look good against Illinois once Green went down.

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