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Big Ten Championship 2012: Michigan State Leads 34-32 Over Buckeyes At Halftime

Ohio State and Michigan State played a close, hard fought match in the last regular season game of the season for both teams and they look to be playing towards another exciting finish. Michigan State would do well to raise their game though, as awful rebounding has given them less opportunity than perhaps they deserve as the teams go into halftime 34-32 with the Spartans ahead only thanks to a late run in the half.

The Spartans started brightly with a quick 4-0 lead in the first few seconds that could have easily been extended several times. Michigan State never took much advantage of the quick start and immediately let the Buckeyes back in, with the game staying within a couple of points either way as everything started to settle down. The halftime score has the Spartans slightly ahead.

Both teams have been subpar at shooting the long ball, with only three successful three pointers for both teams combined, all by the Spartans. Michigan State have played with far better flow, with six more assists overall than Ohio State have.

The Spartans bench has been particularly helpful to Michigan State's cause, with 11 of the 34 points. Ohio State's bench only has four points, all from Shannon Scott.

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