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VIDEO: Derrick Nix's Tearful Apology For Arrest

As mentioned earlier today, Michigan State center Derrick Nix was reinstated to the basketball program after issuing an apology for his arrest for possession of marijuana and driving with the presence of drugs charges. We have video of his regrets via WXYZ's Tom Leyden:

Nix's marijuana charge was dropped altogether and his driving in the presence of drugs was reduced to impaired driving, to which he pleaded guilty. His sentencing will be May 11 and the charge carries a maximum penalty of 93 days in prison and a fine of $300, in addition to a possible suspension of license of 180 days. It's unlikely Nix will receive that, but he will see further punishment from head coach Tom Izzo.

Nix is expected to step up and be the team's leader next season with the departure of Draymond Green and something like this can help someone grow up real fast.

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