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ESPN 150 Football Rankings For 2013 Include 0 Michigan State Commits

ESPN's top 150 football recruiting rankings for 2013 were made public on Tuesday. Although two of Michigan State's commits for 2013 are considered four-star recruits, neither of them made the cut for the top 150. In fact, none of Michigan State's seven commits are in the top 150.

Michigan State's two four-star recruits on ESPN are quarterback Damion Terry, who just committed on Monday, and offensive guard Caleb Benenoch. Running backs R.J. Shelton and Gerald Holmes are both considered three-star recruits, and currently safety Jalyn Powell and linebackers Jon Reschke and Shane Jones haven't been evaluated.

What's odd about all of this is Reschke and Jones are four-star recruits on Rivals. Also on Rivals, Benenoch has three stars and Terry hasn't been evaluated. It's unusual to see such big discrepancies between two recruiting sites, but they obviously disagree on Michigan State's current commitments.

For the state of Michigan, Holmes is Michigan State's only commit included in the in-state rankings. He comes in at No. 10. Of the other 10 players in the rankings, five are committed to Michigan, one is committed to Florida, one is committed to Notre Dame, one is committed to Iowa and the other two are uncommitted.

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