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Arkansas To Hire Former MSU Head Coach John L. Smith As Interim Replacement, According To Report

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The Arkansas Razorbacks have ... found their man, according to reports from the Associated Press. It looks like John L. Smith is going to be the interim coach to replace Bobby Petrino next season, much to everyone's surprise. There's a team meeting on Monday, with minimal leaks until this one, which seems to be legitimate, at this point. Still, it's just a report for now and nothing is official:

Smith is an interesting choice, and will be particularly noteworthy for fans of this region as the former head coach of the Michigan State Spartans. Aside from giving us this GIF, Smith's career as a head coach includes a 132-86 record with a paltry 4-11 mark in the postseason. MSU fans will wonder how Smith is once again a high-profile head coach, while Weber State will wonder what to do, as Smith leaves without having coached a game there.

Also interesting to note is that Smith came to Michigan State from Louisville, where Petrino was his replacement. So there's that.