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Derrick Nix Fined, Sentenced To Community Service

After a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of impaired driving, Michigan State junior Derrick Nix was fined $853 and sentenced Thursday to 24 hours of community service, according to

Nix was arrested on April 3 after he admitted at a traffic stop that he had smoked marijuana before he began driving.

As Diamond Leung of explains, his sentence extends beyond fines and community service.

"Nix must also attend between eight to 12 sessions of an outpatient marijuana-specific substance abuse program and attend a victim impact panel on June 21 at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center."

Last season, Nix averaged 8.1 points per game and 3.8 rebounds per game as a junior. He has been reinstated to the team by head coach Tom Izzo.

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