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Carrier Classic 2013: Michigan State Wants To Play Event In Florida

The Spartans have show interest in playing in the 2013 Carrier Classic after being a part of the inaugural game in 2011.

Last year the Michigan State Spartans played the North Carolina Tar Heels in the inaugural Carrier Classic. The experience treated them so well, they would like to do it again in 2013, according to

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis said the Spartans are looking into being a part of the event.

"There is nothing solidified," Hollis said Thursday. "We’re looking at the possibility of something in ’13 in Florida. It’s difficult to tie one of those billion-dollar warships down two years in advance, but if we did so, we’d want to take it to Florida."

As for an opponent, Hollis mentioned Notre Dame as a potential counterpart for the game.

"We haven’t played Notre Dame since 1979," Hollis said. "That’d be fun."

The 2012 Carrier Classic will be played somewhere off the East Coast, and Connecticut will be involved.

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