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PHOTO: Breslin Center Gets New Court Design

Two years ago, Michigan State basketball altered the design of the court in the Breslin Center. The change included adding the new font and new color of green to the court, as well as putting the Spartan logo at center court instead of the block "S" logo.

Now, Michigan State has once again changed up the look of the Breslin Center court. The new design isn't too different from the old one. The most noticeable difference is that the Spartan logo at center court is now much larger and there is no longer a two-toned look with the shade being different inside the three-point line. Also, the Big Ten's logo has been added to the free throw lane (previously the Spartan logo and "Spartans" was in the paint).

Here's a picture of the new design (via Michigan State basketball's Twitter account):


You can go here to check out a picture of the old court design.