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Tom Izzo Claims That He Has Missed Out On Players Because He Doesn't Cheat

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Teams that violate rules in NCAA in the future will be receiving much harsher penalties than in the past after scandals involving third parties started creeping into college football and basketball. Said third parties are often representatives of sports agents who find ways to 'sell' the best recruiting players in the nation to the highest bidder, ruining the

Central Florida was recently banned from post season play for 2012/2013 thanks to several recruiting violations that they committed.

Tom Izzo of Michigan State had plenty to say about the new sanctions, claiming that he had missed out on plenty of top recruits in his day because he wouldn't cheat the system.

Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo said there is "no question" that agents' ties to AAU summer-league teams have become more common, adding that he "absolutely" has lost players because he refused to cheat.

"A lot of people have lost players," Izzo said. "And I am not saying that cheating is 80 percent of the game. It's probably 20 percent. But it's probably 70 percent of the top 20 percent [of player recruitments]. College basketball is a business. This [recruiting] is a business now because it leads to ours."

It's interesting to see a major coach like Izzo come straight out and say that cheating is such a major part of the NCAA games. Hopefully under the new sanctions and with the threat of things as tough as the Death Penalty hanging over the heads of teams, the recruiting process can get back to a more solid and less corrupt manner.