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Michigan State Vs. Notre Dame: Manti Te'o Will Play For Fighting Irish

The Michigan State Spartans are set to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday night, and ND head coach Brian Kelly has confirmed that All-America senior linebacker Manti Te'o will play for the Irish. Te'o is dealing with two tragedies: the passing of his grandmother and the loss of his girlfriend after her long fight with leukemia.

Here is what Kelly told the media regarding the status of his star LB (via the South Bend Tribune):

"He lost some people very close to him. and it's obviously taken a toll on him," Kelly said. "Our players have been there for him. There has been great support. He wants to be with his teammates. He wants to be with his people that care about him. He's a strong man, and he's going through a tough time, but he'll rise to the occasion."

"We've got a bye week coming up (after Michigan), but we'll see how things go," Kelly said. "We know he's going to be with us for Saturday."

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