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Mark Dantonio reacts to Michigan State fans booing during Eastern Michigan game

Hardly pleased by his players' performance on the field as of late to begin with, Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio informed MLive's Diamond Leung on Tuesday that he is not too happy about his fans showering the team with boos during Saturday's win over Eastern Michigan.

"I think the crowd has got to remain positive obviously through thick and thin, especially during the thin times," Dantonio said. "I think that’s just the way you’ve got to go sometimes. If you’re a Spartan, that’s what you do."

Though Michigan State walked out of Spartan Stadium with a 23-7 victory over a well-coached Eagles program, a number of fans still made sure they let players and coaches know of their displeasure with Eastern's 7-3 halftime advantage. And as far as Dantonio is concerned, reactions like this aren't going to help anybody going forward.

"I know that there’s frustration out there, but we’ve won 16 out of 17 games in this stadium, so I think we’re working at it, and it’s frustrating for all of us as indicated," he said. "It just happens in the society we live in right now. When we did catch the one pass, they would give you the Bronx cheer."

Dantonio's 3-1 Spartans will hit the field this weekend to face an Ohio State team that has looked quite impressive thus far with sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller running the show. Regardless of whether they have been muted or not by Dantonio's comments, tens of thousands of raucous fans will once again line Spartan Stadium on Saturday desperate for another victory.