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Derrick Nix's suspension won't result in him missing any games

Michigan State's newest team captain will not miss any games due to his offseason arrest.

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Derrick Nix, who was named one of Michigan State's team captains on Tuesday, also found out that he won't miss any of the team's games after being suspended in the offseason. That suspension stemmed from an incident in which Nix was arrested after running a red light and being in possession of, and testing positive for, marijuana.

Nix was fined and ordered to do community service after the charges were reduced, and Spartans head coach Tom Izzo was satisfied with what Nix did in the offseason to makeup for his arrest. Of Izzo, Nix said that he "did everything [Izzo] asked me to do, plus more."

Nix also told reporters that he believes his trouble with the law will make him a better leader in the locker room. Izzo agreed, saying that having made mistakes can help you become a better captain. Nix will be one of the main Spartan upperclassmen looking to fill the void of the departed Draymond Green both on and off the court.