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Travis Trice injury: Michigan State guard may have concussion

Michigan State guard Travis Trice may have suffered a bad concussion in the Spartans' loss to Connecticut on Friday night.

Andy Lyons

Michigan State sophomore Travis Trice may have suffered a concussion in the Spartans' 66-62 season-opening loss to the Connecticut Huskies on Friday night. Trice left the game in the second half after getting hit on the head and did not return to the game.

Trice could not even join the team in huddles, remaining seated on the bench for the remainder of the contest. Michigan State coach Tom Izzo was not optimistic about the situation after the game (via

"I'm not expecting anything positive here for a while," Izzo said of Trice's prognosis, adding he will undergo tests.

Trice was expected to be a big part of the Spartans' bench this season. He played 18 minutes and knocked down a three-pointer before leaving the game on Friday. In his freshman season, Trice played 17.2 minutes per game and shot 40.5 percent from three-point land.

This injury is just another in a series of setbacks for Trice. He missed some time last season with a sprained ankle, and he also dealt with a nasty viral infection in the offseason.