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Michigan State basketball to debut another new uniform design this season?

The Michigan State Spartans appear poised to reveal a new uniform design from the folks at Nike sometime this season.


The Michigan St. Spartans appear poised to debut a new uniform design at some point this season after breaking out the camouflage uniforms for the Armed Forces Classic against the Connecticut Huskies over the weekend, as Diamond Leung of MLive reports.

Team equipment manager Dave Pruder says of the uniforms, which are designed by Nike, that, "There’s something to unique to basketball courts, and I’ll leave it at that." He also says that, "[Nike is] always pushing the limit, trying to come up with something unique."

The camouflage uniforms worn by the Spartans during their 66-62 loss to the Huskies on Friday were also designed by Nike. Mark Hollis, Michigan State's athletic director, says that the school's relationship with Nike has allowed it to be, "on the cutting edge of new uniforms," as Leung writes.

Nike has been known recently for rolling out unusual uniform designs, particularly for college football teams. It's unclear what the company has in mind for its newest iteration of college basketball uniforms, but the folks over in East Lansing, Mich., appear to be excited.