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Tom Izzo frustrated with team for turnover problem

Tom Izzo is quite frustrated with the play of his team, most notably their propensity for turning the ball over.

Gregory Shamus

The Michigan State Spartans have some clear troubles on the court this season, and it starts with their turnover problem. Head basketball coach Tom Izzo would likely be hesitant to call it a problem, though. He'd more likely describe it as an epidemic, as evidenced in a quote from

"I think our guys, they're going to be hell of citizens when they get done with basketball because they are guys that, the Christmas season must last all year," Izzo said. "They're not (merely) turning the ball over. They're giving gifts away.

Izzo followed that up by saying "A turnover is when a team makes a play and intercepts it. A gift is when you give somebody something." He then said that all they're doing it giving the ball away. According to the piece, Izzo indicated that players that continue to commit turnovers will begin seeing their minutes cut.

Freshman Denzel Valentine tied for the team lead in the category this season on Sunday, committing five turnovers against Louisiana-Lafayette. Valentine was immediately substituted after committing a turnover in the first minute of the game. It's early going, and Izzo is only going to get more frustrated if the trend continues.