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Jabari Parker receives final pitch from Tom Izzo

Tom Izzo spoke to Jabari Parker on Wednesday, giving the Chicago Simeon senior one last sales pitch before Parker decides where to attend school.


On Thursday, Chicago Simeon senior Jabari Parker is going to tell the world where he'll attend school and play basketball collegiately next season. Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo made one final pitch to Parker on Wednesday, and Michigan State's head coach will certainly hope that his words made a lasting impact on Parker.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Parker's coach said that Izzo's words to Parker were "huge," and that a personal relationship may help Parker lean toward attending Michigan State -- Izzo is at least hoping so, at least.

"No matter what school you choose tomorrow, me and you will always have a relationship."

That's the last thing Izzo said to Parker at a visit to Simeon today, said Parker's coach at Simeon, Robert Smith. Smith attended the meeting along with the Parker family, Izzo and MSU assistant coach Dwayne Stephens.

"That's huge," Smith said of Izzo's comments, and it indicates that Izzo is counting on his personal relationship with Parker and his family to make the difference.

However, Smith admitted himself that he does not know which way Simeon's star senior is leaning.

Parker has received offers from BYU, Florida, Stanford and Duke, as well as Michigan State. Per the Detroit Free Press, analysts believe that Parker's decision will come down to two schools -- Michigan State and Duke.

ESPNU will broadcast Parker's decision live, at 4 p.m. ET on Thursday, Dec. 20.