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Michigan State's Mark Hollis planning event with 4 basketball games at once at Cowboys Stadium

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis is actively exploring the idea to open the 2013-14 college basketball season with four games played simultaneously at Cowboys Stadium.

Ronald Martinez

For those who complain about a lackluster opening night in college basketball, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis has finally stepped up to save the day once and for all.

The same man who helped create the original Carrier Classic between his own Spartans and Connecticut last fall, Hollis is now drawing up a plan to officially kick off the 2013-14 college hoops season with an eight-team spectacle at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington according to a report by Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis.

The event would feature four nationally-relevant games played simultaneously on four courts held side-by-side, with the plan to stagger start times similar to how games are scheduled on the first two days of the NCAA tournament. While his idea would clearly resonate with fans of the sport eager to get excited about early-season games in November, Hollis still has yet to finalize much of the details.

"We should know in the next week or two which way we’re going," Hollis told Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press. "We’ve got to have a ‘Yes’ from everybody or it’s not happening."

The Spartans are already confirmed as participants if this idea does indeed get off the ground, although it's unclear which other schools Hollis may have approached about a spectacle with such obvious national reach. It seems likely that a local school like Texas would be among the first few candidates, and it's hard to imagine Hollis won't also be eying a majority of other top major conference programs across the country..