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Iowa vs. Michigan State score: Spartans cling to a 10-3 lead after three quarters

With a 10-3 score after three quarters of play, offense has been at a premium between Michigan St. and Iowa Saturday afternoon. So far, the best players on each team have been their respective punters, as the Spartans hold on to a tight to a one-touchdown lead.

In a game which has been dictated by sloppy weather and sloppy play, the Hawkeyes enter the fourth quarter in the midst of a 10-play drive that sees them with their best touchdown scoring opportunity of the day, inside the red zone.

The big play of the drive came on a fourth-down conversion, when running back Mark Weisman picked up a five yards to keep Iowa in scoring range. Weisman also picked up 31 yards on a run play earlier in the drive to get things going. The Hawkeyes were aided by a Michigan State defensive holding penalty on a third down, which moved the chains and kept the drive alive.

Iowa will open with the ball on the Michigan State 13-yard line to start the fourth quarter.