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Iowa vs. Michigan State 2012: Loss likely eliminates Spartans from Big Ten title picture

In Saturday's 19-16 double overtime loss to Iowa, the Michigan State's passing game continued to struggle and the Spartans missed an opportunity to kick what could've proven to be a decisive field goal at the end of the first half. On top of that, the Spartans likely fell out of contention to win the Big Ten Legends Division after falling two games in the loss column behind Michigan and Iowa.

That's a lot to digest in just one game. Michigan State blog The Only Colors touches on all of those aspects in the game recap:

Even if we win out, we'd need at least two (possibly three) losses from Iowa and another one from Michigan. And winning out doesn't look at all likely at this point. Missing out on a bowl entirely is a possibility now, though I still think we probably get the last two to avoid that.

Michigan State had a chance to tie or win in double overtime. Iowa had kicked a field goal to go up 19-16, but the Spartans had one more possession. On their second play, from the Iowa 24-yard line, Andrew Maxwell's pass was deflected and intercepted to end the game. Maxwell had his worst start of the season, completing just 12-for-31 passes for 179 yards.