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Michigan State AD Mark Hollis declines to comment on rumors of new helmets

The athletic director downplayed rumors that the Spartans will wear new helmets for Saturday's game against Michigan.


One year after the Michigan State Spartans wore Nike Pro Combat helmets against the Michigan Wolverines, there are rumors swirling that they could wear new helmets for the annual in-state rivalry for a second consecutive season. Rumors that Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis had no comment for when speaking to Diamond Leung of MLive and the rest of the media, saying instead that he hadn't seen the rumored helmets.

"I saw the ones in Ann Arbor that they taped," Hollis mused, referring to the scout team Spartans helmets Michigan used in practice this week. "I'm not going to comment on any helmets."

The rumored helmets spread through the Internet after a Spartans blog, Banks of the Red Cedar, posted a picture of the supposed helmet. The glossy green helmet would be a big difference from the gold and green helmets worn for last year's matchup between the Spartans and Wolverines.

Michigan State came out victorious over Michigan in 2011, beating the No. 11 Wolverines 28-14. The win moved the No. 23 Spartans up to No. 15 in the AP rankings.