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Michigan State vs. Wisconsin: Badgers' Montee Ball switches back to old pronunciation

Wisconsin tailback Montee Ball has scored seven touchdowns over his last three games, and has decided to go back to being called "Mon-TEE".


Though he requested to be referred to as "Mon-TAY" before the season, Wisconsin Badgers tailback Montee Ball has decided to switch back to his old pronunciation according to Jesse Temple of FOX Sports Wisconsin.

The senior running back struggled to get going through Wisconsin's first give games, but has responded to his slow start by reeling off 529 rushing yards and seven scores over his last three weeks. And now that he's back to his 2011 form, Ball figured that it was probably a good time to ditch that whole plea for a new pronunciation too.

"The coaches have been calling me Mon-TEE now," Ball said after Saturday's game. "They said, ‘Mon-TAY is done with. We don't want to see him anymore and it's back to Mon-TEE.' I'm just going with it now."

Bell ran for 33 touchdowns a year ago, and already has 13 scores on the ground through eight games in 2012. The 5'11, 212-pound back needs just 18 rushing yards against the Spartans on Saturday to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark for the second straight season, but it remains to be seen whether it is Mon-TEE or Mon-Tay who shows up this weekend against Pat Narduzzi's run-blitzing defense.