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Nebraska vs. Michigan State 2012: Yet another close loss for the Spartans

Michigan State's disappointing 2012 season continued Saturday with a loss to Nebraska, who overcame a 10-point fourth quarter deficit to win on a last-second touchdown, 28-24.

What began as a promising season for Michigan State, which brought dreams of a Big Ten Championships and a Rose Bowl berth, has quickly turned simply into a quest for bowl eligibility. At 5-5, the Spartans are one win away from a bowl with only two games to play.

The story of Saturday's loss has been the story of the entire season for Michigan State -- losing the close games. All six conference games have ended as one score games, however, the Spartans have finished on the losing end four-of-six times.

Pete Rossman of SB Nation's Michigan State blog, the Only Colors, writes that despite the massively disappointing season thus far, there is still some reason to remain optimistic moving forward.

It's not that the Spartans have forgotten how to win close games, it's that they've been much more of a coin flip this year. Little solace, I know . . . It's been a disappointment, and I think there's very few who would disagree with me. That said, there's still a purpose to keep playing. [A win] will put the Spartans in their sixth straight bowl game; a crappy bowl game yes, but nevertheless it's postseason football. This season's been a lot of bad things. There's still good things out there though.

Michigan State's next contest comes against the Northwestern Wildcats on Nov. 17. The Spartans must win either that game or their following game with Minnesota to get to six wins and be eligible for postseason play.