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Michigan State struggling to sell allotment for Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

The Michigan State Spartans are struggling to sell their allotment of 11,000 tickets for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl against TCU.


Michigan State is having trouble selling their allotment of 11,000 tickets for the upcoming Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. The Spartans have sold approximately 2,000 tickets for their Dec. 29 game against TCU in Tempe, Ariz.

Athletic director Mark Hollis is not surprised by the lack of sales through the Michigan State ticket office. Hollis said, "fans have become more creative in identifying ways to purchase the best seat locations at the best prices." Both Hollis and coach Mark Dantonio are confident that Michigan State fans will show up for the game in one way or another.

Hollis is concerned that if Spartans fans do not show up for this bowl game it could hurt Michigan State's chances of getting invited to big name bowl games in the future.

The Spartans (6-6, 3-5 Big Ten) will play TCU (7-5, 4-5 Big 12) at 10:15 p.m. ET on Dec. 29. Tickets can be purchased online at