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Michigan State receives $1 million gift from family of AD Mark Hollis

The Michigan State athletic director has donated $1 million to the university.

Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis was just awarded a new rolling five-year contract, but he's already agreed to give some of that money back to the university. According to, Hollis and his wife Nancy will give the university a gift of $1 million, half of which will go toward the $18 million expansion project at Spartan Stadium. Hollis had the following to say about the expansion, via Mlive:

"As you look at the totality of that facility, it touches so many different aspects of what is important to myself as an athletic director but to myself as an alum. We’re extremely proud to have the resources to be able to do this."

MSU president Anna K. Simon had the following remarks about the gift:

"The Hollis Family gift is an extraordinary gift and shares I think the family’s deep love for Michigan State and the recognition about the world that Michigan State has played in their success."

While half of the donation will go toward the improvement of the facility, the other half will be put toward an endowment that will be used to support an arts scholarship. That scholarship will reportedly be awarded to a resident of the state of Michigan.