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Michigan Fans Won't Be Subjected To Matt Millen This Week

With Michigan being in the 3:30 p.m. ABC/ESPN timeslot for the second consecutive week, there was a possibility that Matt Millen could be the color commentator for back-to-back Wolverines games. Thankfully, unlike this past Saturday's Michigan-Michigan State game, ESPN came to its senses and decided to send Millen somewhere else, because he is not on the call for this week's Iowa game.

The Michigan and Iowa game will be televised regionally by ESPN on ABC. Any market not receiving the game on their local ABC affiliate will receive the game on ESPN. Ron Franklin will handle the play-by-play with Ed Cunningham serving as the color analyst.

Franklin is an excellent play-by-play announcer, and together he and Cunningham make for a solid crew. Don't get me wrong, I like Sean McDonough, who is stuck working with Millen, but I will take a crew without Millen over one with him any day of the week.