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Michigan-Ohio State Ticket Has Highest Demand In College Football

Tickets to the Michigan-Ohio State football game are always in high demand each year. But you have a seat for this year's game, you might be sitting on some gold. This season, it might be the hottest ticket in all of college football. 


The November 27 rivalry clash is currently ranked by TicketCity as the game with the highest ticket demand - and highest price - among highly anticipated match-ups remaining this season. This is the first time the annual game between the Buckeyes and Wolverines has been most in demand since 2007. And as long as the Ohio State maintains its No. 1 ranking in the polls, the asking price on tickets probably isn't going to change. 


The average price for a Michigan-Ohio State ticket is currently listed as $526, 69 dollars more than the average price for Auburn-Alabama, the game in next-highest demand. 


Other Big Ten games ranked on TicketCity's list include (in order) Ohio State at Iowa on November 20, Penn State at Ohio State on November 13, Northwestern vs. Illinois at Wrigley Field on Nov. 20 and Michigan State at Iowa on October 30.