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Rich Rodriguez Talks Michigan-Alabama Game

During his weekly radio show on Thursday, Rich Rodriguez talked a bit about the 2012 season opener between Michigan and Alabama, which was announced earlier in the day.

"It's a great opener," Rodriguez said on his weekly radio show Thursday night. "That's going to be a very exciting day.

"It's going to be two great programs, that will be the whole talk the whole summer," Rodriguez said. "I know our players, the underclassmen, are very excited about it."

Rodriguez is definitely right about it being the talk of the summer. Usually fans are looking forward to the start of football season in general rather than the specific game that will open the season. That was the case with UConn this past summer for Michigan fans. The excitement was for the start of football season, not to play UConn. For the Alabama game in 2012, however, it will be very exciting to not only get football season started again, but it will be just as exciting to play the Crimson Tide down in JerryWorld.