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Tate Forcier On Possible Transfer: 'I'm Not Going To Leave'

Following last Saturday's game between Michigan and Bowling Green, Tate Forcier was asked about the rumors that had him set to transfer weeks ago. This was Forcier's response:

"A lot of people were saying I'm not staying here, but I'm still here," Forcier said. "I love Michigan and I love everything about it. I'm not going to leave. Not a chance."

Forcier definitely changed his attitude for the better after the first week of the season and seems as focused as ever now. That's great news for Michigan, because if Denard Robinson were to go down, they have an experienced backup who is ready to step in if needed. Most teams would be thrilled to have one starting-caliber quarterback, but Michigan has two experienced, starting-caliber quarterbacks. Heck, one could argue they have three considering Devin Gardner has played a decent amount this season.