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Story Behind Michigan's Winged-Helmet Fire Hydrants (Video)

If you've ever been to a game at Michigan Stadium, you've probably noticed that the fire hydrants in the area around the Big House are painted blue with maize wings, just like the football helmets. Some hydrants have the numbers of Michigan's Heisman Trophy winners (No. 2 for Charles Woodson, No. 21 for Desmond Howard and No. 98 for Tom Harmon) painted on them as well.


I first started noticing the uniquely-styled hydrants years ago when I was a kid, and over time more and more started popping up. I never knew the history behind the idea to put the famed winged helmet on the fire hydrants before, but has posted a video interviewing the man responsible for painting them. It's a very interesting look at how the idea came about and the process of painting and maintaining the hydrants. Check it out below.


UPDATE: The video isn't embedding properly. To watch it, click here.