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Joe Paterno: Matt McGloin To Start At Quarterback For Penn State

When Michigan takes on Penn State on Saturday night, it appears it will be going up against quarterback Matt McGloin. Joe Paterno said on his radio show on Thursday night that McGloin will make his first career start on Saturday against Michigan, adding that he hopes to only use one quarterback during the game.

The interesting thing about this news is that just minutes before it was announced, Jay Paterno said two things: 1) Rob Bolden was cleared to play on Saturday; and 2) who will start for Penn State will be a game-time decision. This could simply be some mind games coming from PSU to throw Michigan off with regards to who they have to prepare for, but to me it seems like nobody is on the same page for the Nittany Lions. You have the younger Paterno saying a starter won't be named until game time, and then the older Paterno is saying just minutes later that McGloin will start. It's just an all-around odd situation.

For Michigan, it would probably be better if McGloin is the starter. Bolden looked good before his injury last week, and coming from a fan base that had to witness Nick Sheridan start in 2008, it would be nice to be on the other side of a game involving a former walk-on starting at QB.