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Penn State Gets Creative Simulating Denard Robinson

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson poses a tough challenge for college scout teams during game week, but Penn State is at least having a little fun with it.

In the Nittany Lions’ effort to simulate Robinson, the team had scout team cornerback Evan Lewis in the role of Robinson, with a little visual twist:

“They let him wear a wig with some dreads on it,” Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti said with a chuckle Wednesday during a teleconference.

Lewis, dreadlocks and all, was given the task of duplicating Robinson’s lightning-quick speed that shot him to the top of nation in rushing. Lewis is not a natural thrower, so backup quarterback Paul Jones handled that part of the game. But nobody can truly duplicate the kind of speed Robinson possesses. Just ask PSU defensive end Pete Massaro:

“You name it — he’s fast, quick,” Massaro said. “He has a great burst when he runs through the line of scrimmage. He’s deceptive, as well. He’s a great player.”

According to Mauti, Lewis has been making guys “miss all week.” That bodes well for Michigan, considering they’ll be throwing the real thing at the Nittany Lions on Saturday.