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Beware Of Forged Tickets Being Sold At Michigan-Michigan State Game

Tickets are in high demand for Saturday's Michigan-Michigan State game. On Saturday before the game starts, you can bet there will be a lot of scalpers outside of Michigan Stadium and around Ann Arbor trying to cash in on their tickets before kickoff. I know many people are heading to Ann Arbor on Saturday without a ticket and are likely going to be buying from a scalper, so it's important to make sure any tickets you buy are legitimate.

From Tim Sullivan:

Michigan officials saying to be wary of scalpers selling forged tickets this weekend.

Forged tickets have been an issue at both Michigan and Michigan State games this year. Unfortunately, some scalpers see the opportunity to cash in on these fake tickets, so should you buy tickets outside of the stadium or something, make sure to thoroughly check them out before handing over any money.