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Matt Millen Announcing The Michigan-Michigan State Game

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It's better than having to listen to Pam Ward for three hours, but the announcer assignment for the Michigan-Michigan State game just plain sucks for fans of both teams:

Sean McDonough will handle the play-by-play with Matt Millen serving as the color analyst. Quint Kessenich provides sideline and analysis.

Millen has announced a few Michigan games in the last year, but to have him announcing a game with a pair of teams from this state is just wrong. Although Michigan and Michigan State fans are bitter rivals, especially this week, we can all agree that Millen is a complete buffoon who has no business being anywhere near football in the state of Michigan.

I don't have a problem with him being an announcer, but for ABC/ESPN to constantly shove him down the throats of Lions fans just plain sucks. The Lions are still struggling because of the awful decisions Millen made when he was with the team, so to have him announcing a game where lots of Lions fans will be tuning in is just a big slap in the face to this state as a whole.