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Denard Robinson Takes It Easy On Monday

Denard Robinson was dealing with a sore knee earlier in the week, so Rich Rodriguez said he was going to give his star quarterback a bit of a break by limiting him in practice on Monday.

"Yeah, he'll be a little limited, just because he’s been running so much," coach Rich Rodriguez said Monday. "You want him 100 percent on Saturday. Denard is one you have to jerk out of there because he wants to take so many reps. He’s walking around fine. Everything is fine."

There has been no word on if Robinson was limited outside of Monday, but based on what Rodriguez had to say, it's doubtful. Robinson was limited on Monday last week and was fully ready to go by the time Saturday rolled around, so you would expect that he's been following a similar plan this week.

While Robinson did leave the Indiana game for a couple plays because of his sore knee, he returned and led Michigan to victory. Although he didn't look to be 100% after leaving the game, that is precisely why he was supposed to be limited on Monday; it allows him to recharge his batteries and get ready for the rest of the week.