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Michigan Vs. Michigan State: Getting You Ready For Today's Game

At last, game day has arrived for the 2010 edition of the Michigan-Michigan State game. Although I personally didn't start thinking too much about this game until last Saturday night, the week went by pretty slowly because there was so much anticipation. Each and every day I was thinking about this game around the clock, and now the day has finally arrived where 5-0 will meet 5-0 in Michigan Stadium for the Paul Bunyan Trophy.

While you tick down the final hours until kickoff, check out a rundown of links below for items from this game's StoryStream that were posted over the course of the last week. There are links to a preview, depth charts, injury report, coverage maps and more.

I'd be lying if I said I wish both teams good luck today, because my rooting interests are clearly aligned with Michigan. Even so, I will say that I hope for a great game and may the best team win.