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Michigan Vs. Ohio State: Injury Report

Michigan's injury report for Saturday's Ohio State game has been released.

In the out category is the same group of guys with season-ending injuries: John Ferrara, J.T. Floyd, Mike Jones, Teric Jones, Martavious Odoms, Jared Van Slyke, Mike Williams and Troy Woolfolk. Nobody in the out category has played in recent weeks, and most of them have been out for the majority of the season.

The only player in the questionable category is Junior Hemingway, who was suffering from concussion-like symptoms following the Wisconsin game. Kenny Demens was dealing with a similar issue, but he isn't actually on the injury report at all, so I guess he has recovered and will be good to go on Saturday.

Five guys are in the probable category: Jeremy Gallon, Vincent Smith, Darryl Stonum, Mike Martin and Craig Roh. Aside from Gallon, these are starters that Michigan needs to play on Saturday, so let's hope they will indeed give it a go considering they're in the probable category.