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Report: Michigan's NCAA Ruling Out Thursday; School 'Very Happy'

Months after meeting with the NCAA Committee on Infractions, the University of Michigan is about to get the final ruling on its violations and sanctions, according to the Associated Press. The AP is reporting that the ruling will be released on Thursday, and according to the report, Michigan is pleased with what the final report will include.

The person, who spoke to The Associated Press on Wednesday on condition of anonymity because no one is permitted to comment on the case until NCAA announces its ruling, says the school is "very happy" with the final outcome.

I would imagine Michigan would be happy if the NCAA simply upholds the self-imposed sanctions and doesn't add on anything else. Also, I'm sure Michigan would be happy if the allegation about Rich Rodriguez failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance is dropped, because that is the one allegation the school challenged. I guess we will know for sure on Thursday.