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Even Josh Groban Knows Rich Rodriguez Referencing Josh Groban Is Soft

Ian already touched on Rich Rodriguez's embarrassing display at last night's Michigan football bust. To summarize, Rich Rodriguez welled up when talking about the toll coaching and being on the hot seat has had on him and his family. He then used that as a segue into a Josh Groban song; one you might catch yourself humming to in the shower, but never, ever want to play and dance to at your football team's end of the season banquet.


Well, Josh Groban is flattered, but even he knows that just ain't right for an aspiring Michigan football man:




This has all been blowing up to epic proportions today -- it's all over the web and being methodically dissected on the radio airwaves. If you read just one fallout story on the banquet blunder, after the two you read here at SB Nation Detroit, it's Terry Foster's column at the Detroit News. It nails it on the head, if you ask me.