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Redshirt Not In Tate Forcier's Future

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With Denard Robinson emerging as Michigan's clear starting quarterback and Devin Gardner handling the backup QB duties, there has been some speculation that Tate Forcier could be redshirted. After all, if Forcier were to not play at all this season and redshirt, he could separate himself from Robinson eligibility-wise, giving Michigan a combination of Forcier and Gardner the year after Robinson graduates.

While that plan doesn't sound bad at all on paper, it doesn't appear as though Rich Rodriguez is going to go down that road.

Asked Monday if he would consider red-shirting the sophomore who started all 12 games last season, Rodriguez said, "No, Tate is probably in the mix still to play. I’ve been pleased with his attitude, and he’s still getting better, as is Devin."

I don't see the need to burn a redshirt just for the sake of getting Forcier some garbage minutes against a team like Bowling Green, especially with Gardner already playing and burning his redshirt. If a situation arose where Forcier was needed because of an injury, then you obviously play him, but I'd prefer to have him just redshirt and have three years of eligibility left next year.

Again, this is Rodriguez's call, which is why it's likely we're going to see Forcier at some point. Rodriguez has been impressed with Forcier's attitude lately, so it sounds like he will be rewarded with playing time.

"I think Tate learned a lesson in that first game. He’s been terrific the last couple weeks. He’s been a team guy; he knows what his role is going to be. He’s going to keep competing for that spot. The way we run our system in practice, all those guys roll in and out anyway. So he’ll be fine. I’ve been really proud the way he’s approached everything the last couple weeks."

At the very least, Forcier playing would help quiet rumors that he will transfer. Then again, if he's going to be stuck behind Robinson for the final two years of his career, rumors of him transferring will likely never go away, which is again why a redshirt seems to make the most sense. Oh, well.