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Michigan-Michigan State Game To Start At 3:30

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Although Michigan and Michigan State both have important games this Saturday as Big Ten play begins, it's tough to not look ahead to their game on Oct. 9. It's possible that both the Wolverines and Spartans will be undefeated going into the contest, which would make this one of the most important games between the in-state rivals in quite some time.


It was announced earlier today that this year's Michigan-Michigan State game will be a 3:30 p.m. start. The game will be broadcast on ABC locally and ESPN nationally, which is usually the case for this game. Last year was the exception, as the game was actually relegated to the Big Ten Network. While Michigan was undefeated going into the 2009 edition of the game, the Spartans were riding the struggle bus with a 1-3 record. This year, though, with the possibility that both teams will be undefeated, it's no surprise ABC/ESPN picked up the game for its afternoon slot.


It's still way too early to tell considering Saturday's games have to be played first, but if both Michigan and Michigan State are victorious, it's possible that College GameDay will be in Ann Arbor on Oct. 9. GameDay hasn't been at Michigan since the 2007 Ohio State game, and a rivalry game with a pair of undefeated teams would certainly fit the bill for a visit from the GameDay crew. We'll have to wait and see what happens on Saturday first, of course.