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Dave Brandon Comments On Rich Rodriguez Decision

The general consensus at this point seems to be that Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez will be fired. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, but we won't find out one way or another until the latter part of next week, according to Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon. Brandon said this following Saturday's Gator Bowl (via Larry Lage):

"After traveling back in the next day or two, I plan to sit down with coach Rodriguez to go through the evaluation I've been talking about for months. I probably won't have more to say until the back half of the week."

It's tough not to read into this news. Only Brandon knows what's going to happen for sure, but you would think if Rodriguez is going to return an announcement would be made as soon as a decision is made. Perhaps Brandon has yet to decide and needs a sit-down with Rodriguez first, but in order to stabilize the recruiting class, the sooner an announcement is made the better if Rodriguez is coming back for another season.

If Rodriguez is not coming back, waiting until later in the week at least delays some of the speculation surrounding Jim Harbaugh until after Stanford plays in the Orange Bowl. There has already been plenty of speculation about Harbaugh leaving for Michigan (or the NFL), but it would be taken to a new level if Rodriguez is fired. If Rodriguez was dismissed on Monday, for example, Harbaugh would have to deal with the distraction of being asked questions about the opening on the same day that his team is playing in the Orange Bowl.

This is all an attempt to read between the lines and the best bet is probably just to wait and see what happens, but just like the last month or so, there will be plenty more speculation until Dave Brandon makes a concrete announcement about the future of the Michigan football program.