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Michigan Coaching Search: Closing In On LSU's Les Miles?

LSU football coach Les Miles said earlier Monday that he didn’t want “to speculate to the substance of the meeting” with Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon scheduled for Tuesday. That seemed disingenous, at best. The LSU athletic department does not seem to be making the same speculation.

ESPN’s Joe Schad reported on Twitter that LSU might be willing to waive or lower the $1.25 million buyout that exists on Miles’ current contract if he were to become Michigan’s head football coach.

And for those of you who have keeping track of planes during this Michigan coaching search, the private jet that Brandon has reportedly been using is en route to Baton Rouge.

MGoBlog’s Tom VanHaaren has also confirmed that a players’ meeting has been scheduled for 4 p.m. tomorrow. The reason for the meeting is unknown at this time. But with Brandon and Miles set to meet, and more smoke continuing to emanate from these reports, could an announcement be soon to come?