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Michigan Coaching Search: Les Miles Reportedly Meets With Dave Brandon

Earlier in the day multiple reports suggested that Michigan was going to meet with LSU head coach Les Miles on Tuesday, but WAFB in Baton Rouge reports that the meeting happened Monday night. According to the report, Miles and Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon met at Miles' condo in Baton Rouge.

After the meeting, Brandon, along with two other Michigan representatives, headed to the airport and boarded a plane owned by Domino's Pizza to head back to Ann Arbor. Video shot by WBRZ in Baton Rouge apparently shows that Miles was not one of the people who boarded the plane.

This plane has supposedly been taking Brandon around the country for close to the last week now. It left Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti on Jan. 5, the day Rich Rodriguez was fired. It first went to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and its next stop was Chicago Executive Airport. From there it headed out west to Scottsdale, Arizona. It made a trip to Las Vegas for a day and then headed back to Scottsdale before going to Dallas, where it spent the last two days. Monday afternoon it went from Dallas to Baton Rouge, and at 8:52 p.m. ET it departed Baton Rouge for Willow Run.

ESPN has run with a report from Joe Schad that Miles would accept an offer from Michigan if he gets one. If an offer was made at the meeting with Miles and Brandon on Monday night, the Michigan coaching search may be over based on that report. I suppose only time will tell, but all signs point to the Les Miles portion of the Michigan coaching search being resolved one way or another in the next day or so.